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Buff Body Meals was founded by Tanya French. Tanya wanted to create a gourmet door-to-door food business that proves healthy prepared food can be tastier and more satisfying than fatty, sugary dishes.


Let’s rewind a couple of years…

A dedicated foodie, Tanya has long been interested in the effect that good nutrition has on health and wellbeing. However, as a business owner and parent, she often struggled to find the time and motivation to cook healthy meals from scratch.


As many of us do, Tanya sometimes resorted to supermarket ready meals, but found them lacking in both flavour and nutrition. She looked into local meal delivery services in London, but they didn’t offer the type of food or level of flexibility she needed. Meals were either nutritious or delicious, but rarely both!


As Tanya’s diet deteriorated, her energy levels plummeted. She found herself reaching for unhealthy snacks to get through the day and bouncing from sugar high to sugar low. It was a vicious cycle. Slowly, she crawled her way back to cooking healthy meals from scratch, and was relieved to regain her energy and feel her body getting stronger.


Tanya realised that her love of healthy food, coupled with her science degree and experience in the private equity sector, meant she was well-placed to launch a meal delivery service with a difference.


And so Buff Body Meals was born.


Tanya now works with a nutritionist and head chef to create an extensive menu of delicious, balanced meals, from low-calorie vegan dinners to protein-rich dishes. Every meal is packed with nutrients, bursting with flavour, and optimised to help you achieve your health goals. 


What’s more, meals are affordable, you can choose the dishes you fancy from the extensive menu, and you can pause or cancel at any time.